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As part of the Washington, D.C. metro area, the community of Ashburn is thriving. Located in Loudon County, Ashburn is experiencing lots of residential and commercial growth, and enjoying the prosperity that comes along with it. Residents of Ashburn are not mistaken when they make the claim that their home town is one of the best around.

Ashburn real estate is diverse, and ranges from condos and starter homes to more spacious executive homes. With so many different options in the homes for sale in Ashburn, home buyers will definitely be able to find something they love. Close to everything but yet with easy access to more urban attractions, residents of Ashburn are among the most fortunate of people.

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Ashburn has a population of approximately 45,000 residents and has grown quickly over the past few decades. As the metro area expands, more and more people are looking to the Virginia side and discovering fine suburban communities like Ashburn. Historically, Ashburn was first settled in the 1700s, as plantation land, but became a thriving community in the late 1800s. There are many historic sites in Ashburn that reflect its extensive history. Today, Ashburn is a fine bedroom community and one that welcomes newcomers, whether for a few days or for a lifetime.

Ashburn is surrounded by several impressive communities, such as Sterling, Leesburg, Potomac Falls, and many more. Major roads that serve Ashburn residents include Route 641, Route 267 and Route 7, among others. It’s quite close to the Dulles International Airport as well, making travel convenient outside the state. Residents of Ashburn are able to head in any direction and find abundant opportunities for work or play.

Ashburn’s local economy is strong, thanks to its location within the high-tech corridor that surrounds Dulles International Airport. Major businesses have their headquarters in Ashburn as well. The community is comprised of several different neighborhoods and subdivisions like Ashburn Farm, Ashburn Village, Belmont Greene, Village of Waxpool and many more.

Ashburn residents have plenty of things to see and do. The parks in the area are truly beautiful and are ideal for playing, relaxing or getting fit. Notable parks in and near Ashburn include Ashburn Park, Trailside Park, Ashburn Lake, Cedar Lake, Hampshire Park, and Ray Muth Sr. Memorial Park, among others. Golf courses in the area are plentiful, like the Goose Creek Golf Club, Belmont Country Club and Golf Course and the Golf Club ant Lansdowne, just to name a few. Shopping and dining are fun at places like the Leesburg Corner Premium Outlets. Families can have fun at the Leesburg Animal Park. All this and more await residents of Ashburn. There are plenty of historic sites in the community as well, such as Janelia and the Belmont Manor House.

Home buyers with an interest in Ashburn real estate should definitely start the process quickly. The popularity of the homes for sale in Ashburn are only growing, so home buyers run the risk of losing a home they love to someone else. All in all, Ashburn real estate is proving to be a wise investment for years to come.